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The Daniel Project

Interview with Deborah Forrest Head of Production for the
Daniel Project and John Speirs.

Making her entrance on film as a school girl in the 20th Century Fox classic "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie", Deborah has over 20 years experience in the media including researching, scripting, filming, directing, producing and editing documentary and factual programmes.

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Dr Norman Geisler

Norman goes into detail about why he is not a 5 point calvinist and he also explains the TULIP that used and why he disagrees with it. This is lengthy to listen to, but it is well worth the time.
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John MacArthur

GTY 90-359   The Theology of Creation (Selected Scriptures)

On Sunday nights here at Grace Church for many months, we have been dealing with very important matters of theology, great doctrines that are critical for our understanding of the Christian faith, and therefore our service to the Lord. And tonight I want to embrace one that is certainly foundational, I want to call it, “The Theology of Creation...The Theology of Creation.” Creation is a theological issue, not a scientific issue. Theology is the only source from which we have any information about creation. Any study of creation must come in the framework of theology because it is a word from God.

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John MacArthur

GTY 80-308   Six Reasons to Love and Learn God’s Word (Psalm 19)

When the guys from Samara contacted us and said that they wanted to join us today, they asked if I would preach on one of my favourite Psalms because they thought this would be a special encouragement to the men there and the pastors there who were gathered. And it is Psalm 19. Through the years, I have preached many times on this Psalm, many places in the world. And it is certainly one of my favourites. My problem with this Psalm, however, is that we have a little bit of an abbreviated time this morning and I don't have an abbreviated message on it. But we'll make due with whatever time we have. And again, I want to say, what a joy it is to have this service with our dear friends in Samara and I'm happy to draw your attention to this Psalm.

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Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones

The Church and Her Message

ACTS 6:1-7 New ideas in the Church; the Gospel of God; knowledge and power through the Gospel; disciples as students; the glory of the Gospel
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Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones

The Holy Scriptures

ROMANS 1:2 The delay in Christ's coming; the use of the Old Testament to prove the continuity of the gospel; the true nature of the church and the doctrine of the remnant; the sufficiency, authority, unity, necessity and consistency of the Scriptures; the consolation of the Old Testament.
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Roger Oakland

The Road to Rome

Speaker and author Roger Oakland speaks on the emergent church and it's path back to Catholicism!

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Roger Oakland

The Road to Babylon

Speaker and author Roger Oakland speaks on the emergent church and it's path back to Catholicism!

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Roger Oakland

Proclaiming the Gospel

Most of christianity has left the simplicity that is in Jesus Christ for a deluded message and doctrine of devils as foretold by the Bible.

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John Brand

Genesis 1

Are we meant to take Genesis literally? Did God create the world in six literal days? Were Adam and Eve real people? Does it matter?

If you struggle with these and other questions and want to Get to Grips with Genesis. Listen to John's message.

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Jim Crooks - College Principal

Interview with Jim Crooks and Archie Deans

Jim Crooks was Principal of Elmwood College from 1 August 2007 – 30 September 2012. He came to Elmwood from Upper Bann Institute, a very successful College in Northern Ireland of which he was Principal from 1 September 2004 – 31 July 2007 and was Assistant Principal at Dumfries and Galloway College from May 1988. With over 20 years in Further Education his life story is coloured by experiences in secular employment.

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From the Cradle to the Cross

Archie Deans interviews Davie Watson

Testimony - Davie Watson