Dr Lloyd-Jones

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Dr Lloyd-Jones' reputation as an inspired, authoritative and prophetic preacher of the Christian faith developed in his first church, Bethlehem Forward Movement Church in Aberavon, Wales, which experienced remarkable conversions. His reputation then grew steadily over 30 years of ministry in Westminster Chapel, London, England, between 1938 and 1968. For much of that time he preached to congregations averaging 1,500 on Sunday mornings and 2,000 on Sunday evenings.
He continued to be influential during the 12 years of his retirement, counselling other ministers, answering letters, holding many telephone conversations, writing books based upon his sermons and preaching at special events. A more detailed written account of his ministry is available on-line by clicking either of these two photos of MLJ. Alternatively, buy one of the books by biographers, or talks given by family members. These all give much more detail of this remarkable man's life.

There is something of a timeless quality about Martyn Lloyd-Jones's preaching, which through audio recordings and books is still having a significant impact today. Dr Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently wrote this about MLJ's book Living Water:-

'The sermons preached in 1967 and 1968 represent Lloyd-Jones at his best. Living Water, studies in John 4, is a gift to us today. If you haven't started your collection of writings by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, start now - Living Water is a good place to start.'